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#2-1 MARX "Western Auto" Tractor and trailer. 1950's. 24 inches long. Original and Complete, with both back doors and mud flaps. C-7 $105.00
#2-2 Buddy-L #201 Hydraulic Dump Truck. 1928. 24 inches long. Works great but has old over paint. C-7 $525.00
#2-3 KENTON Road Grader. Cast iron, with nickel plated grader blade and white rubber tires. 1920's. 7 inches long. 100% Original. C-7- $225.00
#2-4 "Smith-Miller Custom Flatbed. 1950's. 25 inches long. It incorporates a Structo Cab, Smith-Miller lo-boy trailer and a die-cast Kobota tractor.It makes a great looking highway set.C-9 $225.00
Katz Toys of of New York, USA. Floor Train. 1940's. 35 inches long. This is all tin. It is mostly complete with only a couple of small parts missing. Litho is bright. The tin is thin so there are wrinkles overall. C-7 $225.00
#2-6 Metal Masters "ABC Towing Service" truck. 1940's. 11 1/2 inches long. This is a wind-up in perfect working order. 100% Original. $125.00
#2-7 Madame Alexander Mary Martin doll. 1948. It is made of hard plastic with sleepeyes. It is the rare evening gown version from "South Pacific". 100% Original with all the labels. C-8+ $595.00
#2-8 Kingsbury of Keene, N.H. Aerial ladder truck. 1941. 24 inches long. Ladder raises when front bumper hits something. In working order. Included is a patent drawing dated 1939. C-7 $275.00
#2-9 Arcade Allis Chalmers Tractor. 1920's. 5 1/2 inches long. Arcade Balloon, white rubber tires. Tractor is cast iron. C-7 $150.00

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Featured Toy #1
Buddy-L "Chain" Dump Truck 1925
Featured Toy #2
Buddy-L Hydraulic Dump Truck 1928